9 Steps to Take to Prepare Your San Diego Commercial Property for Storm Season

After experiencing months of drought it might be difficult to believe that San Diego property, facility, community and apartment managers should be preparing for storm season.

Storm preparation doesn’t just help prevent property issues but is good for the environment.

Urban runoff is the number one pollution source in Southern California due to our infrequent rain events and unsustainable landscape practices  US Green Building Council, San Diego Chapter.

commercial landscape managementThe following are nine methods to prevent, manage and make better use of storm water runoff:

  1. Keep storm drains and catch basins free of trash, sediment, roots and plant debris.
  2. If drains are clogged, contact a plumbing service to remove trapped sediment and debris with a process called hydro jetting.
  3. Install rock borders around drainage intakes to prevent sediment build up.
  4. Keep brows and v-ditches, drain outlets and weep holes open and clear of debris – Check regularly during the rainy season. Don’t over irrigate slopes, which can cause erosion.
  5. Practice Low Impact Design, which is an approach to land development and re-development that works with nature to manage storm water, close to its source. Preserve and recreate natural landscape features. Create functional and appealing site drainage that will turn storm water into a resource vs. a waste product.
  6. Utilize bioswales as an alternative to storm drains. Bioswales absorb and improve water quality by filtering storm flows.
  7. Utilize permeable pavers and pervious concrete, which allows storm water to seep through vs. runoff.
  8. Install rain barrels to capture rainwater from roofed areas and store for future use.
  9. Practice water management – manage water proactively with Smart and cloud-based controllers, soil moisture sensors and rain shut-offs.

Storm season is right around corner. Don’t be caught unprepared.

If you would like help preparing for San Diego’s upcoming storm season, contact Heaviland Landscape Management today or complete the web form on the right side of this page.    

John Gelhard

John Gelhard

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John Gelhard

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