Are Your Plants Drowning?

A few months ago, no one in San Diego was worrying about anything inland experiencing too much moisture, much less drowning. But after weeks of rain (Can you believe it?), this might actually be happening to some potted plants residing on San Diego’s commercial properties.

Does this look familiar?

commercial landscaping

That plant is gasping for air.

Here are some items to consider:

  • Most of the pottery in commercial settings does not have holes for drainage
  • Plants need oxygen to survive
  • After heavy rains, the trapped water can literally suffocate a plant

See the white tubing in this photo?

property management

That is a vent tube and its purpose is allow gardeners and maintenance workers to drain the standing water that could suffocate a potted plant.

They also exist near trees, like this one:

landscape maintenance in San Diego

The gardeners that work for commercial landscape companies should have access to hand pumps that they can use to suction the water out of a pot or away from a tree.

Removing excess water from potted plants could be considered an extra. Meaning, the service is not detailed in most commercial landscape maintenance specifications. Other examples are removing obsolete tree poles and resource management. Performing these “extras” is what separates a landscape manager from a typical landscape maintenance company.

If your potted plants are drowning in storm water and you’re current landscaper isn’t doing anything about it, you should contact Heaviland Landscape Management today or complete the web form on the right side of this page.

Attention to detail is just one more reason to choose Heaviland Landscape Management.

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John Gelhard

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