charity: water

Tom250In 2014, California governor, Jerry Brown, declared a state of emergency and ordered water use be reduced by 25%.

It’s been two years and San Diego is still drought ridden. But no matter how long the drought continues, we all expect to hear the sound of running water whenever we turn on a tap or flush a toilet.

In San Diego, scarce water means browning turf resulting from irrigation restrictions. In countries like Ethiopia, it can mean spending eight hours a day collecting water that might not be safe to drink.  

For people in developing countries, clean water changes everything. Kids have time to attend school; their parents are more productive; something as basic as hand washing can drastically improve the health of a community.

We at Heaviland Landscape Management understand how precious water is. Along with doing our part to reduce the water usage of the properties we maintain, we’re also helping bring clean water to communities in developing countries.

Heaviland is pledging 1% of the annualized contracted amount of any new landscape maintenance or construction agreement originating from or tagged to our Charity: Water campaign.

Please join Heaviland in helping Charity: Water. Not only will you receive the highest level of landscape management services in San Diego County, you’ll be contributing to an incredible cause.

  • charity waterTom Heaviland – President – Heaviland Landscape Management