How Electric Landscaping Equipment Can Improve Your Life

Have your tenants ever called you to complain about the sound of a roaring leaf blower outside their office? Or grumbled about the smell from the weed whacker as they tried to enjoy their lunch outdoors? Then you know that gas powered landscaping equipment can be a nuisance to you, your tenants, community and the environment. So, what’s the solution? Simple: have your landscaper go all-electric.

Within the last few years, electric landscaping equipment has been gaining traction. It’s become increasingly available to purchase and can be cost-effective for landscape companies. While the technology is still evolving, electric equipment is a realistic alternative to gas-powered equipment as efficiency continues to increase. The landscape industry is starting to embrace the idea of electric equipment, and you should, too.

Does this scene look too familiar? Then it might be time for your landscaper to switch to electric equipment.

The Benefits of Electric Landscaping Equipment

 Electric Landscaping Equipment BulbElectric landscaping equipment has no emissions, uses no gas and operates with little noise. If you or your tenants live or work near outdoor areas, then you can benefit from better air quality, improved concentration and productivity, and a more enjoyable workplace. Even better, electric equipment offers these benefits with little loss of power or efficiency!

Electric Benefit #1: No EmissionsAir Pollution

Did you know that on average, one commercial-grade ZTR (zero turn radius) lawn mower produces the same amount of carbon emissions as 141 cars per year? Due to limited regulation from the EPA, outdoor power vehicles (such as ride-on mowers) have become some of the worst polluters on the market. With zero emissions, electric-powered landscaping equipment helps keep our air clean and cut down on noise pollution.

Electric Benefit #2: No Gas

Gas PumpsGas-powered equipment is smelly. A face mask is suggested during operation to avoid inhaling the fumes. And if you’re near a person operating these tools, then you generally want to move far away to avoid the smell (and noise). This doesn’t result in an excellent experience when trying to enjoy the great outdoors.

In addition, gas can be dangerous to store and transport. Gas is an accelerant, which means it can quickly speed up the development and escalation of fire. Since electric equipment doesn’t need gas, people are safer while transporting and operating it.

Electric Benefit #3: Low Noise 

Mean Green Mower

Have you ever been walking through a parking lot, only to realize a Prius has been stealthily driving behind you the whole time? Then you know that electric vehicles are quiet. One of the biggest benefits of electric landscaping equipment is that it’s extremely quiet, too. For instance, the loudest lawn mower manufactured by Mean Green Mowers is 80 decibels (db), whereas other gas mowers are between 95-100 db. A Mean Green lawn mower can hardly be heard from 50 feet away!

Time for a Change?

Heaviland Landscape Team MemberIf you’re receiving calls from tenants or community members about the noise and exhaust from your landscaper’s equipment, then it might be time to switch to electric. Commonly used equipment, such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers and trimmers are now available in battery-powered form. It might even result in fewer calls from grumpy tenants!

Are you interested in having your landscaper switch to electric equipment? Give us a call today at (760) 598-7065 to discuss your needs for a quieter, more relaxing tenant experience.