How an Annual Landscaping Budget Can Save You Money

If you are a commercial property manager or property owner, you know the cost of maintaining your property can add up. An annual budget ensures that you are prepared for the necessary (and often unexpected) expenditures required to maintain the look, health and safety of the property. A landscaping budget also helps both property managers and landscaping providers understand how to allocate money throughout the year.

Budget for Common Landscape Maintenance Needs

Landscape maintenance by Heaviland at Army Navy Academy in Carlsbad

Plan for common maintenance needs, such as overseeding turf.

Every property needs some level of consistent maintenance for it to look its best.  This includes irrigation repairs, mulching, overseeding the turf, and replacing any plants that have exceeded their life cycle. Once you budget for landscape maintenance costs, you can use your remaining funds for unexpected expenses or enhancement projects.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Costs

Commercial landscaping, like other aspects of property maintenance, can be costly without proper preparation. When unexpected costs do arise, it’s important to have funds available. Unexpected costs can come from irrigation repairs, root eradication, or other unplanned events. Deferring maintenance can often lead to more expensive problems in the future. Save yourself the headache by planning ahead and budgeting for unforeseen landscaping needs.

Don’t Just Maintain your Landscaping, Enhance It!

As part of the property's landscaping budget, Heaviland enhanced public areas at Pulse Millenia Apartments

Enhancing the landscape makes your property more appealing to visitors and can help attract occupants.

Your landscape is the property’s first impression on guests. There is always room for improvement. Investing in your property’s landscaping is proven to increase occupancy and property value, as well as even boost the morale of tenants. Plus, new landscaping designs generally include drought-tolerant and native plantings, which can save you money on water. Would your property be more appealing to tenants if it had a designated outdoor area for relaxing and enjoying nature? Enhancement projects like these can provide a high-impact update to your property.

Heaviland Landscape low-maintenance enhancement project at Collins Business Park

Pre-approving landscaping projects can save valuable time.

Pre-Approve Annual Landscaping Projects

We know your time is valuable. You can save time and energy by pre-approving your landscaping projects for the year. It can be more efficient to approve projects at once instead of one at a time. And pre-approving projects will also cut down on the number of phone calls and emails about pending proposals throughout the year.

Need Help with Your Landscaping Budget?

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