reclaimed water warningWhen the county’s reclaimed water system is built out to your business, facility, office complex, community, retail space or apartment complex you will be required to convert your current system to a reclaimed water irrigation system. 

Retrofitting your site to reclaimed water can be a complex process involving city and county inspections. Heaviland Landscape Management has certified reclaimed water site supervisors that are experienced and knowledgeable about the entire landscape irrigation conversion process. Heaviland has over a decade of experience successfully retrofitting reclaimed water sites.

Recycled Water Availability

Benefits of Reclaimed Water:

  • Reduced water bills
  • Reclaimed water is exempt from drought watering restrictions
  • Helps conserve the County’s water supply

Heaviland Landscape Management:

  • Licensed Landscape Contractor with over 30 years experience in San Diego
  • Certified Recycled Water Site Supervisors
  • Certified Landscape Irrigation Technicians

Let Heaviland help you convert your potable water landscape to a low cost reclaimed water landscape. Contact us today or complete the web form on the right side of this page.