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Spring Into Action

March 20th marked the first day of spring. San Diegans don’t necessarily count down the days to the end of winter. January and February were cold and wet but only in San Diego terms. Most American cities would love to experience what people in San Diego consider cold weather.

What does spring mean to your commercial landscape?

A few items:

It’s time to apply pre emergent. Pre emergent herbicides prevent weed seeds from germinating. Once the seeds have germinated, pre emergents are ineffective. Timing is crucial. Early spring is the time to apply pre emergents to prevent unwanted and unsightly weeds.

Weed issues:

commercial weed control

It’s also time to re mulch your planters. Mulch reduces the surface temperature around plants, which helps to slow evaporation and keep plant roots moist. Mulch also creates a weed barrier. Mulch produces a cushion effect, which can help prevent soil compaction caused by foot traffic. Mulch can help prevent damage, from weed whackers and mowing equipment, to plants and trees by creating space between areas of turf and plant material.

Tree damaged from weed whacking equipment, due to absence of mulched tree well:

commercial turf maintenance

Don’t forget to apply snail bait. Snails might be slow moving but they can quickly cause serious damage to a beautiful landscape. Snail bait works best in warmer, dryer weather. It’s not as effective in the winter and you don’t want to wait too long or the leaves on your plants will start to resemble Swiss cheese.

Snail infestation: 

commercial landscape maintenance

Inspect your irrigation. With the winter rains, sprinkler systems remained inactive for weeks. Irrigation leaks would have been difficult to identify and locate due to the rain and resulting saturated soil. Now that rain has subsided, it’s a good time to conduct an irrigation audit.

Irrigation Issues:

commercial irrigation management

Has your commercial landscape manager approached you regarding any of the items above? If not, maybe Spring is also a good time to request a landscape maintenance proposal from Heaviland? Give us a call or complete the web form on the right side of this page.

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